Rear Bumper & Tunnel Support
Rear Bumper & Tunnel Support

Rear Bumper & Tunnel Support

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Arctic Cat has designed one of the most well thought out sleds on the market. Though we love how the sled collects very little snow up on the mountain, the rear bumper & tunnel could use the T-Rex treatment as its strength leads something to be desired. We've seen a number of tunnels fold in relatively minor impacts including smaller jumps to flat landings. Adding one of these to your sled not only gives you a more robust handle that is lifted for ease in "super stuck" situations but our tunnel support will keep that tunnel in one straight line.

Arctic Cat Alpha Bumper

  • Fits 165 Ascender/Alpha 
  • Made of 3/16 Aluminum
  • 3 piece design 
  • Adds a significant amount of support to back of your tunnel
  • Avoid the dreaded "tunnel fold"
  • All mounting hardware included
  • We have bare finish bumpers available